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Program Areas and Evening Activities

During the evening all of our programs areas are open so your Scouts can explore those areas that interest them most. Click on the tabs below to discover what is available in each area.

Knots & Lashing

Learn the essential skills to build a cool and useful camp gadget for your next rank advancement.

Lost & Found*

Master your map and compass skills and then find out the secret of our 100ft course.

Totin' Chip

Do you know the skills to safely use and maintain knives, axes and saws?

Survivor Man*

Put yourself to the test. Could you survive days in the wilderness with only the objects on you?

Leave No Trace

Be a step ahead in life, learn how to leave a minimal impact on your campground.

What's Cooking?*

Taste some great new recipes you'll use on your next outing.


Try and find our hidden geocaches using our GPS.

Firem'n Chit & Fire Building

Show off your skills to make the best fire possible.

Mountain Boarding

Grind through the Many Point trails in style.

*Only available as an Afternoon Troop Activity.
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