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Tier One: Flintlock Adventure


Adventure awaits older Scouts at Many Point this summer. All Scouts and Venturers who are entering 8th grade or above will have the opportunity to take advantage of Flintlock - Many Point's Older Scout Adventure Base. Plus, we have purposely structured many of our adventure activities to be done on our amazing property so that your troop or crew will never be far from its youth leadership.

Huck Finn Overnight

Spend the evening swimming, jumping, fishing, cooking, competing in contests, playing capture the flag by canoe and more all from our 40ft by 40ft rafts in Flintlock Bay.

Tree House Overnight

As seen in Scouting Magazine, Scouts will spend the evening in one of two villages hovering in the trees above a 30ft bluff. Activities include cooking, sling shots, contests, tree ecology, campfires and paintball blowguns.

Adventure Cove

Swim, climb and compete in an aquatic playground including an inflatable Iceberg climbing wall, Sturn and aqua jousting. Afterward, improve your skills in
kayaking, sailboarding and sailing.


COPE Program

Build skills in teamwork, cooperation, communication and problem-solving while overcoming a variety of challenges and obstacles on the ground. At the end of
the day, climb into the trees to traverse a high ropes course followed by a zip line to the ground.

International Target Sports Outpost

In this day-long program, test your accuracy and knowledge by firing a unique set of projectiles. You will have the opportunity to use boomerangs, blow darts, throwing stars, throwing spears, atlatls, crossbows, water balloon launchers and black powder rifles. 

Five Stand Shotgun Outpost

A next-level shotgun challenge for older Scouts. Put your sharpshooting skills to the test by tackling our unique trap and skeet shooting course.

Check out our flyer for more information.
Five Stand will now be available on the Older Scout Adventure Request Form
For promotional materials on our Tier One adventure programs to give to your Troop check out the 8th grade and older flyer.