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Many Point Scout Camp Summary


The Place

·         It’s a beautiful wilderness setting in northwest Minnesota.

·         2,400 acres of wooded property in the White Earth State Forest.

·         Adjacent to the 143,000 acres of the Tamarack National Wildlife Refuge.

·         9 miles of shoreline on Many Point and Round Lakes.

·         Uncrowded lakes because there are very few cabins or resorts in the area.

·         Lakes have Walleye, Muskellunge, Northern, Bass, Crappie, Perch and Sunfish.

·         Just 30 miles from Itasca State Park – the headwaters of the Mississippi River

The Programs


First Class Adventure - This program will help Scouts with their Tenderfoot through First Class advancement requirements.

Merit Badges - 52 merit badges are offered at Many Point: Archaeology, Archery, Astronomy, Athletics, Basketry, Camping, Canoeing, Chess, Climbing, Cooking, Emergency Preparedness, Engineering, Environmental Science, Fingerprinting, First Aid, Fish & Wildlife Management, Fishing, Forestry, Game Design, Geocaching, Geology, Hiking, Indian Lore, Insect Study, Journalism, Kayaking, Leatherwork, Lifesaving, Mammal Study, Motorboating, Moviemaking, Nature, Orienteering, Personal Fitness, Photography, Pioneering, Pottery, Public Speaking, Radio, Reptile and Amphibian Study, Rifle Shooting, Rowing, SCUBA, Shotgun Shooting, Signs, Signals, and Codes, Small Boat Sailing, Sports, Swimming, Water Sports, Weather, Wilderness Survival and Wood Carving.



Many Point Magic Studios – Capture the magic of Many Point and share it with the world! Earn Moviemaking, Photography, and Journalism merit badges while producing a weekly newspaper and capturing and creating short videos for our Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Many Point Red Lantern Brigade Many Point’s Camp Honors program with 9 different ranks that improve a Scouts leadership, scouting skills and adventure at Many Point and at home.

Second Year Camper - Get a taste of all you can do at flintlock next year as a second year camper.  (Must complete rank four of the Many Point Camp Honors to participate.)

Sailing - Many Point owns 75 sailboats including a huge fleet of Sunfish which are great boats for learning, as well as mastering, the skills of sailing.

Canoeing - Many Point has over 100 canoes to use to explore the lakes.

Fishing - Many Point and Round Lakes have Muskellunge, Walleye, Northern, Bass, Crappie, Perch and Sunfish – enough for everyone.

Rowing - With over 50 rowboats you can always take one out fishing or to practice those skills for the merit badge.

Snorkeling - Each beach has masks, fins and snorkels available for you to use to explore the underwater world of camp.

Snorkel Scooters Each beach has three scooters available during open program for the scouts to use and whisk through the water James Bond style.

Kayaking BSA - Improve your snorkeling skills and you can earn the BSA National patch.

Stand-up Paddleboarding BSA - Improve your paddleboarding skills and you can earn the BSA National patch.

Snorkeling BSA - Improve your snorkeling skills and you can earn the BSA National patch.

Instructional Swim - Daily classes to help Scouts sharpen their skills.

BSA Lifeguard and Aquatics Supervision - Special class to learn the skills for safe aquatics activity operation.

Tandem Kayaks - 2-person, sit-on-top kayaks are great to paddle around in with a buddy.

Mile Swim - A real accomplishment for a Scout or leader.

Polar Bear Swim - A refreshing 6 a.m. wake-up dip in the lake. Earn a patch!

Open Swims - Daily times for Scouts to get in the water and cool off.

Open Boating - Daily times to get out on the water.

Troop Swims - A troop, or crew, can arrange its own time at the beach.

Troop Beaches - Troops with campsite beaches can set up and run their own swimming and boating program following Safe Swim Defense and Safety Afloat policies.

Water Trampolines – Every beach has a large trampoline with a blob and log run attached  

Activity Island Every beach has a large inflatable raft with a water whoosh, jumping platforman, and rope swing that Scouts love to fly off of

Water Polo - Have a friendly troop water polo match. For even more fun, add inner tubes to float in.

Greased Watermelon - Try water polo with a watermelon covered in slippery shortening.

Saunas - Fire up the sauna and relax – then jump in the lake and do it again.

100 ft. Fire Tower - Get a great view of the whole camp and learn about fire fighting by climbing Many Point’s own fire tower purchased from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and moved to camp.

Climbing Towers - Offering climbs for all abilities and featuring ceilings, over-verticals and rappelling.

Bouldering Walls - Climb horizontally on these special climbing walls and practice your moves.

Archery - Use Genesis compound bows to take aim for the bull’s eye. Special 3-D animal target shooting times offered.

Rifle - Target shooting with .22 rifles.

Trap Shooting - Try this fun sport with the camp’s shotguns.

Throwing Tomahawks - Take aim at special targets.

Slingshots - Use “wrist rocket” type slingshots.

Orienteering - Have fun looking for hidden markers using map and compass.

Tie-Dye – Create your own colorful creation!  Shirts can be bought at the Trading Post, or buy tickets and tie-dye your own shirt!

Nature Programs - The Nature Centers offer special activity-oriented programs for your troop to learn about the environment and wildlife. Programs include Deadly Lessons, Loon Lore, Owl Pellets, Beaver Tales, Pollution Pool, Web of Life and Nature Canoe.

STEM – Our STEM Nova: Whoosh! Program helps Scouts fulfill part of their STEM Nova award at camp.

Outdoor Skills - Programs include Knots & Lashings, Survivor Man and What’s Cooking.

GPS & Geocaching – Find out how to use a GPS before completing a geocaching course and searching on a historical geocaching course.

Night Skies - Many Point’s clear, dark sky is the perfect place to learn about the stars and planets.

Disc Golf - Play nine holes of disc golf on our rustic wooded course.

Leave No Trace - A program for your troop to learn, and practice, the principles of Leave No Trace camping.

Volleyball - Inter or intra-troop games can be set up.

Tetherball - Always a spare time Scout favorite.

Lacrosse - Equipment supplied by Many Point and played as teams within Troops.  Played without contact.

Ga-Ga Ball - A fun mixture of four square and dodgeball

9-Square-in-the-Air - Volleyball, Nuke’m and four square in one bundle

Troop Bike Rides - If you bring mountain bikes, there are some great trails to ride.

Campsite Treats - Check out some Dutch ovens or pie irons to make some great treats for your troop.

Back of the Moon - Your troop, or Patrol Leaders’ council, can hike to this secluded part of camp and stay in Adirondack shelters.

D.E.L.T.A. - Fun problem-solving activities followed by a “reflection” discussion that helps Scouts learn about teamwork, leadership, communications, cooperation and planning. This National program started at Many Point in 1987.

History Center - Learn about the people that lived at Many Point before the Scouts. Displays on Glaciers, Native Americans, Voyageurs, Loggers, Sportsmen and full-scale dioramas on early Scout camping at Many Point help current Scouts see how the camp area has served many people throughout the years.

Ironman Triathlon - A personal challenge in a canoeing, swimming and running race.

Super Troop Award - The troop can work together to earn this honored distinction and ribbon. Includes campsite setup, cleanliness and program participation.

Campfires - An opening and closing campfire is held at the beginning and end of each week.  The opening campfire is a chance to meet the staff and be introduced to the program for the week, while the closing campfire offers Troops the opportunity to imagine, design, and perform their own skits or songs!

Order of the Arrow - An Order of the Arrow call-out ceremony is conducted each week.

Vespers – By the 12th point of the Scout Law, a Scout is Reverent.  We offer a non-denominational Vespers service in each sub-camp one night a week for Scouts to fulfill the Scout Law while at camp.

Frontier-Era Outpost - Step back in time to an 1860’s logging camp with our historical actors, and test your skills as a lumberjack, blacksmith, and gold miner.


Older Scout and Venture Activities

To help recognize the older Scout or Venturer and give them something new, special programs are offered for those going into 8th grade next fall or older. These programs will usually take the older Scout out of their troop for an afternoon or an overnight.


Tier One Adventures: Flintlock Adventure Base Outposts

Huck Finn’s Rafts - Live and sleep on one of the two 30 ft. by 40 ft. rafts floating in Many Point Lake.  Adventure comes complete with fishing, aquatic games, jumping platform, basketball, fishing, and aqua skippers.

Tree Houses - Live and sleep in a tree house village built in the trees on a ridge high above Many Point Lake. Shoot paintball blowguns and try spar pole climbing.

Project C.O.P.E. - Many Point has a great C.O.P.E. course to offer this 8-hour, challenging, team problem solving activity that gets Scouts working together and ends with the personal challenge of the high course – on cables 30 feet above the ground.

Adventure Cove – Joust, climb the Iceberg, and rock the Saturn in our aquatic playground. Then test your skills at paddleboarding, sailboarding, sailing and kayaking.

International Target Sports Outpost – Not your typical shooting sports activity. Activities include Spear Throwing, Longbows, Crossbows, Boomerangs, Atlatls, Blow Darts, Throwing Stars & Black Powder Rifles.


Tier Two Adventures: Many Point Outfitters Base Treks

Off-camp treks – Kayak the rapids of the Otter Tail River, Bike at Itasca, Ride the single-track mountain biking trails at Maplelag Resort, Hike and Bike your way to the Back of the Moon, via the North Country Trail, or ride an All-Terrain Vehicle.

5 Stand Shotgun Outpost – Try your hand at 5 Stand on our state of the art course.


Tier Three Adventures: Week-Long Adventures

All Things Weeks – Specialty weeks where adventure and advancement are tailored to that week’s theme – Aquatics, SCUBA, Wilderness Emergency Response, and Sportsman’s Week.

Water Sports Outpost – Jet Ski, Water ski, wakeboard, earn Water Sports and Kayaking merit badges, Kayaking BSA, and work to complete your MN Watercraft Operator Permit.

Older Scout Adventure Blast - Ride ATVs, participate in your favorite parts of I.T.S.O., C.O.P.E., Treehouses, Adventure Cove, and Huck Finn.

Older Scout Cot Surfing - Stay at a different location several nights out of the week.

Adult Leader Programs

Some special opportunities are available to the adult leaders at camp.

Leader’s Recognition Dinner - Leaders from all of Many Point’s camps get together for a great meal on Wednesday night.

Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills Learn the skills to help the younger Scouts in your troop advance to First Class rank.

D.E.L.T.A. Training - This program, incorporated into your regular troop meetings and activities, can make a huge difference for your troop. This training is Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.

Flintlock Adventure Tour - See all the program areas where your older Scouts can participate.

Adult Climb Time - A special time for you to climb at the camp’s climbing tower and see if you have what it takes to make it to the top.

Safe Swim Defense Training - Helps leaders meet requirements to run their own troop swimming activities.

Safety Afloat Training - Helps leaders meet requirements to run their own troop boating activities.

Climb On Safely Training - Helps leaders meet requirements to run their own troop climbing activities.

Trek On Safely Training - Recommended for planning troop hikes.


Program Structure

Many Point’s program offers a balance among advancement, activities your troop does together and activities your Scouts choose on their own.

  The day can be viewed in three parts:

  • Advancement is focused on in the mornings.
  • In the afternoon the troop participates in activities as a unit. These can be activities at program areas with the camp staff or activities your troop does on your own. Your troop or crew picks the activities you want to do at camp and the staff will build a custom-made program just for you.
  • In the evening the program areas are open with staff supervision and Scouts can choose their own activities.