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Polar Bear!

One day every week in the early morning hours, scouts and staff wake up to participate in a tradition like no other.  A staff member with great story telling ability, tells the story of Polar Bolarinski and his misadventures, which leads to running into the (refreshing ) lake in the early morning hours.  Staff does not jump into the water once but up to three times, just to make sure you’re up.  Be sure to participate in your Polar Bear when you come to Many Point this summer!

Opportunity Everywhere

“You have the best job in camp” a scoutmaster says in passing.  Every time I hear that it does remind me of how fortunate I’m to work with other dedicated individuals and scouts for summer fun and learning opportunities.  I do enjoy my job, but my fellow staff work tirelessly to plan the programs that create these special moments. Today my goal was to visit all the beaches in camp and capture scouts having some summer fun.  It was partly cloudy and 81 degrees, so perfect.

From a Scout

Hunter from Troop 46 was busy creating his notebook for forestry MB while he let me observe the class.  We began to talking about the week and all the great activities that are all around camp.  Hunter continued to work on his forestry Merit Badge as I walked around and took photos of his hard work. Hunter was intent on finishing his merit badge but could not contain his excitement for the campfire later that evening.  Hunter said he was going to play a Hunter in a skit, he could not stop laughing after telling me.  After a few minutes I wished Hunter the best and a safe trip home.


Today a scout learned to shoot a moving target with an arrow

a scout learned to work well with others
a scout learned the history of Many Point
a scout learned about the stars
a scout learned how to broadcast radio
a scout learned the value of friendship
Adult leaders supported the scouts in all these efforts!
Thank you adult volunteers for all your support throughout the year and this summer!

Ready, Aim…..Learn!!!

Scouts learn through experiencing camp from all different activities.  Archery is one of the most popular and skilled driven activities scouts can participate in, with no additional cost.  A scout does not have to be a marksman archery or have any prior experience, just a willingness to learn.  The staff is excited  to guide scouts to not only become better archers but better scouts and leaders.  The goals of Many Point,  give scouts and staff the opportunity to learn from every experience while having a lot of fun.  This week is another testament to the spirit of Many Point and how it inspires everything we do here.  As I was entering the archery range last evening, three scouts were preparing to shoot, I got a great opportunity to grab some quick shots of the scouts as they let loose.

New Heights

“This is so cool” a young scouts tells a staff member as they were having a friendly climbing competition with there fellow scout. The scouts arrived first to the tower ready to climb. The staff was excited to help them get ready.  Steven one of the scouts asked if they could climb on the same side of the tower.  Without hesitation Brian the climbing tower director and the staff got another rope set up and ready to go. In no time the scouts were climbing there way to the top.  During the climb a scout climbing out of the “cave” lifted himself out with only one arm.

4th of July Fireworks

The Many Point staff and scouts kicked off another week of program with a forth of July Celebration that culminated with a fireworks demonstration.  Scouts from each sub camp including our wonderful family camp guests gathered at their beaches to participate in campfires. The campfire program’s included patriotic songs along with historical readings about our flag and country.  At the end of which the fireworks began at Voyageur then proceeded through each of the three sub-camps. The above pictures captured some of the most spectacular moments of all the fireworks shows.

Call of the Loon

 Hello blogging world, this is Many Point Scout Camp.  We have  2,400 acres of northern Minnesota on Many Point Lake.  Here, scouts learn valuable life lessons while practicing scouting skills. Many Point was the first camp in the nation where Scouts attended camp as troops and not as individuals. Today we still continue to emphasize the growth of the entire troop as our chief objective. The 2010 camping season is in full swing-hope to see you up here!