Unit Activities

What is a Unit Activity?

In the afternoon, each individual unit (Troop, Crew, etc.) participates in activities as a group. Communicate your top ten troop activities with your camp coordinator using the Scout Program Planning Worksheet. Your camp coordinator will take the top choices from everyone in your troop and submit your troop’s collective top 15 choices to camp. The camp staff will use your troop’s submission to craft an afternoon scheduled tailored to your troop.

Submit your Interests

Submit your Unit Activity Interests

For More Information

For more information on unit activities, please see our Program Catalog. The Program Catalog is the one-stop-shop for everything on programs, including the sign-up procedures, what is offered, when it is offered, and more. In the Program Catalog, you can find information not only on unit activities, but also on merit badges, older Scout programs, and other specialty programs. 

Below, you can find a gallery of the unit activities we offer. 

Program Catalog

9 Square

Mix together the classic playground game of foursquare with a combination of basketball and volleyball moves to create a fast-paced activity!

Aqua Trampoline

The highlight of the beach for many scouts is the Aqua Trampolines! Each subcamp has two Aqua Trampolines that have lots of fun additions like the water whoosh, blob, and swing!

Archery, Tomahawks, and Slingshots

Scouts have the chance to test out their marksmanship using bows and arrows, tomahawks, and slingshots.

Back of the Moon Hike

Head off on a beautiful hike through the wilderness surrounding Many Point. The trail is an out and back so units will have the ability to choose how long they’d like to go. This is a great opportunity to check off hiking requirements for rank advancement or merit badges.

Beaver Tales

Did you know that a beaver can stay underwater for 15 minutes? Gain new knowledge on one of nature’s hardest workers.

Beginners and Learners

Want to learn how to get to the next swmm classification? Want time at the beach to practice swimming? Our staff can guide you all the way to becoming a swimmer! Note: Participants sign up for this program like a merit badge.

Campsite time/Free time

Give Scouts the opportunity to work on merit badge requirements, catch up on rest, or just hang out together.

Canoeing, Two Person Kayaks, Rowing

-Canoeing, Two Person Kayaks, Rowing: Partake in the classic summer camp experience of boating!

Canoe and Snorkel Trip

Hop in a canoe and head out to secret spot on the lake where scouts can snorkel and see fish, hunt for shells, and potentially even find treasure!

Climbing Tower

Take your skills to new heights! Conquer the bouldering wall, Tiny Tim, and Big Bertha.

Deadly Lessons

Explore the effects humans have in the environment, and what that means for the creatures that live with us. How hard is it to survive with humans in the mix?

Disc Golf

A fun twist on golf. Many Point has two beautiful courses on our property for scouts to use.


Delta: Developing Ethical Leaders Through Action, Scouts will work together to accomplish a series of goals to grow as leaders and as a unit.

Firem’n Chit and Totin’ Chip

The perfect chance for scouts to learn or brush up on how to use knives, axes, saws, and fire safely. After completing this program Scouts will have earned their Firem’n Chit and Totin’ Chips.


Learn the best places on the lake to catch bass, sturgeon, sunfish and more!

Gaga Ball

A fast paced high energy game where scouts put their dodging, striking, running, and jumping skills to use!

Greased Watermelon

This unknown sport is one of the favorites at camp. Push the melon into the goal to score a point, the rest of the rules will change at will…

Hemp Craft

Put your creativity to work by making a whole range of crafts from friendship bracelets to luggage tags using hemp rope.

History Center

Tour the Many Point Museum and discover the rich history surrounding Many Point. As part of the tour, you'll climb the Fire Tower and see Many Point from higher up than anyone else!

Itasca State Park

Just 30 miles from Many Point is Itasca State Park. Dip your toes in the headwaters of the Mississippi river and explore the nation’s second oldest state park.

Knots and Lashings

An important skill for any scout is how to use a rope effectively. Learn to tie several knots and lashings and then put those skills to work to make a nifty camp gadget.


Did you know that lacrosse is the oldest team sport played in North America? This enjoyable activity will get scouts up and moving!

Leave No Trace

We’ve all heard the old saying “Leave a place better than you found it”, Learn what that truly means and how to do it.

Monkey’s Fist

With just a piece of string and a marble create an awesome keychain!

Nature Canoe/Kayak

Take a guided tour with one of our naturalists and learn about the unique ecology of lake Many Point.

Reserve Shower House

Guarantee that scouts get cleaned by reserving your own private shower time.

Reserve Trading Post

Fulfill your slushy and souvenir needs without having to worry about waiting in lines.


Summer camp is the perfect place to sail! Jump aboard one of our sunfish sailboats and sail around the lake. Never sailed before? No worries our aquatics staff can help get scouts out on the water.


Step inside of our saunas where you can relax and sweat the week away. Once you get nice and hot, run out into the lake to cool off.

Shotgun and .22 Rifle

Whether it’s your first time shooting or you’re a lifelong hunter, shotgun and rifle is sure to be a blast!


Toss on a mask and some fins and see what lies below the surface. You’ll be surprised what you will find!

Tamarac Wildlife Refuge

Many Point neighbors one of the most diverse vegetative transition zones in North America. This diversity of habitat brings with it a wealth of wildlife, both woodland and prairie species.

Tie Dye

Turn a plain old white tee shirt into a real fashion statement!

Tree Planting

In celebration of the 75th year the scouts will be creating “green time capsules” by having each Scout plant a pine tree in the Diamond Jubilee forest.

Troop Swim

A truly flexible time for scouts to enjoy the lake, by lounging in an inner tube, swimming laps, working on your swim strokes whatever your unit would like to do.

Turks Head

Turn a piece of rope into a neckerchief slide using this unique knot.

Ultimate Survivor

Learn the skills you need to know in order to survive in the wild such as fire starting, water filtration, shelter building and much more.

Water Polo

A simple game of ball and net. When in the water, your movement slows so passing the ball becomes paramount to scoring. Good luck!

What’s Cooking

Put your cooking skills to the test in this cooking competition!