Older Scout Programs

What is an Older Scout Program?

In the mornings and afternoons, Many Point offers unique adventures for Scouts going into 8th grade or older. These programs are not advancement-focused, meaning that very few of them offer merit badges. Instead, these programs are focused on offering fun and exciting experiences for those who have experienced most of what we have to offer.

What is Tier 1 and Tier 2?

Tier 1 and Tier 2 programs are both older Scout programs. We use this distinction to separate the programs that have a larger time commitment from those that are a single-day activity.

Tier 1 programs are a single day or overnight adventure. Each day, a different group of Scouts will be doing these programs. For example, if you sign up for an ATV session, you will be doing it for one afternoon. Then, a different group will be on the ATVs the next day. Scouts submit their preferences for these programs and Many Point then assigns what times these programs will be taken. Your Scouts will learn which programs they were placed in when they arrive to camp on Sunday.

Tier 2 programs are programs that older Scouts will do for multiple days during their week. Registration for these programs opens April 1st and closes April 14th. Many Point then place Scouts into these programs on April 15. Afterwards, these programs become first come, first served.

Can I take both Merit Badges and Older Scout Programs?

Yes. Scouts registered in older Scout programs may end up missing a day or two of merit badges. They can make up these missed requirements during free time or in-site unit time. Scouts accepted into Tier 2 older Scout programs will not be able to participate in any of the Merit Badge sessions.

For More Information

For more information on unit activities, please see our Program Catalog. The Program Catalog is the one-stop-shop for everything on programs, including the sign-up procedures, what is offered, when it is offered, and more. In the Program Catalog, you can find information not only on older Scout activities, but also on merit badges, unit activities, and other specialty programs.

Below, you can find a gallery of the older Scout activities we offer.

Program Catalog

Tier 1 Programs

5 Stand

A next-level shotgun challenge for more experienced Scouts. Put your sharpshooting skills to the test by tackling our unique set of 5 challenging stations. Cost: $35


Beginning with a training session on safe riding, turns, and stops, this course first teaches the basics of riding an ATV. Finish the day riding our exciting trails through the camp. Cost: $45. Must be 14 on the day of riding.

Big Boat Sailing

Set sail and explore Many Point Lake in either the Mary Sea or the Oday. Scouts will learn how to set up and sail these boats with the help of our staff members.

Bike Trek

Start on our mountain bike challenge course and then move on to exploring trails. The forested trails at Many Point have challenging and technical stretches of trail that will test even the most experienced cyclists

Character Challenge Adventure

While we are beginning our repairs to bring back our COPE course, we have decided to partner with Character Challenge Adventure course in Park Rapids to fulfill your high ropes needs.

Fishing Outpost

Delve into the wide world of fishing in this program. Experienced guides will teach you the basics and more advanced angling techniques to help you explore the wonders of Many Point Lake.

Huck Finn Overnight

Spend the evening swimming, jumping, fishing, cooking, snorkeling, competing in contests, playing capture the flag by canoe, stargazing and more all from our 40ft by 40ft rafts in Flintlock Bay.

Kayak Adventure

Hop into one of our single person kayaks and explore the lake with guidance of the staff. Scouts will also learn proper kayaking skills along the way.

Tree House Overnight

Scouts will spend the evening in one of two villages hovering in the trees above a 30ft bluff. Activities include spar pole climbing, sling shots, contests, tree ecology, campfires and paintball blowguns.

Water Ski

Slalom and jump waves as you waterski around Many Point Lake behind one of our camp speedboats. Scouts will meet at their subcamp beach. This adventure is for both new and experienced water skiers. Cost: $15

Tier 2 Programs

All Things SCUBA

Explore uncharted territory with your friends as you dive deeper and deeper! This activity runs all morning and afternoon long. We'll provide all of the equipment. Only available on specific dates. Cost: $450

Older Scout Adventure Blast

Replace your traditional morning activities with wild adventures! With this all-encompassing program, you'll be able to experience older scout activities without giving up time with your troop. Join in on ATVs and other unique opportunities. Cost: $60

Mountain Bike Outpost

You will learn all about mountain bikes and biking and improve your technique on our challenge course as well as complete several mountain bike rides on the trails around Many Point. Cost: $30

Water Sports Outpost

Experience Many Point Lake on a whole new level: Have fun and safely learn how to drive personal watercaft (jet skis), get up on water skis, drive a motorboat, and explore the lake in a kayak. Cost: $60

All Things Scuba

The SCUBA program is not a standard Tier 2 Program so we wish to clarify some additional details:

  • This program takes place during the entire morning and part of the afternoon, meaning that participants cannot take any other merit badges, older Scout programs or participate in afternoon unit activities.
  • The SCUBA program is only available during the following dates:
    • July 10 - 14
    • July 17 - 21
  • Cost: $450 for the week, on top of the regular camp fee
  • All participants must fill out the PADI medical statement on top of the regular BSA health form
  • When it gets closer to camp, you will receive an email asking you to complete an on-line pre-training called the "eLearning for the Open Water Scuba Certification". This training is required and must be completed before the first day of class.