Camp Staff

Our staff here at Many Point are one of a kind. Ask anyone who’s stayed at Many Point and they’ll tell you the surprising friendliness of the people who make Many Point what it is. Here is a few quality features our staff have to offer you when you’re camping at Many Point.


Our staff have all the necessary certifications to keep you and your scouts safe, but not only that. We have a whole 2 weeks of training to make sure they know as much as there is to know, so any one can be called upon in a time of need. This training involves everything from knowing how to start a fire, to leading the entire camp in an exciting activity!


We have a set of traditions here at Many Point that focus our values. One such example is the way we treat you every day, under any circumstance. You are our guests, you are here to have as much fun and learn as much as you can in a short time, so we make sure you know you’re welcome. It’s as simple as waving and saying “Hello!” while we pass you by, but it’s a feeling you won’t forget!


Our training above covers a lot of things, but one of the best things we do for our staff at Many Point is give them the tools they need to succeed. During our training, they will meet with previous instructors and staff to show them the way. With all our documentation and materials, our staff quickly make our program their own, and in just a few days have passion for their activities.

Staying at Many Point is an amazing experience, but the staff take it a step further.


Online Staff Application


As a Many Point Scout Camp staff member, you will gain:

  • Free room and board for the summer
  • Competitive salary
  • Strong experience sought by employers
  • Unique teaching and learning opportunities daily
  • Memories and friendships to last a lifetime
  • The opportunity to make a difference in a life
  • Personal growth and self-confidence
  • Unlimited fun!

Salary Ranges

  • 15-17 year old positions start at $2,350 plus room and board
  • 18+ year old positions start at $2,750 ending on position and experience, plus room and board
  • Assistant Director / Area Director positions start at $2950 depending on position and experience, plus room and board
  • Specialty Trained Director positions start at $4,300 depending on position and experience, plus room and board

Andersen Scholarship

Staff members that have completed their second summer at camp in good standing and are enrolled in college full-time qualify for the Andersen Scholarship. This scholarship is paid out as a check directly to the staff member. The Andersen scholarship starts at $1000 and can go up to $2000, depending on the number of years served on summer camp staff for Northern Star Scouting.


Most staff sleep in two person wall tents on platforms. Each staff member receives a bed, mattress, mosquito netting, and a wall locker.

Once you've Been HIred

  1. You will first be offered a verbal hire from one of our camp directors. At that time, they will share with you your start date and end date. They will also share some approximate or actual dates for any pre-camp trainings that you will need to complete in person before camp.
  2. In the Spring, you will received a link giving you access to our online on-boarding portal. This will be sent to you via email so be sure to check your email routinely so you don't miss any important information. The on-boarding portal is where you will submit important documents, sign your contract, and be given access to online trainings. 
  3. Review the staff packing list
  4. Contact your camp director with any questions you might have about the upcoming season. 
Camp Staff