Camping with Wildlife

Review Our Wildlife Policies

Camp Northern Star Wildlife Information & Policies

Many Point is home to many different animals native to the Midwest region. White-tailed deer, beavers, porcupines, black bears, snakes, turtles, and many others are commonly seen throughout the summer along. They all enrich the outdoor and camping experience and will create memories of your week at camp. However, they are all wild animals. For your and their protection, we require adherence to our wildlife policies. It is mandatory that all troops, crews, visitors, and staff read and follow the information in the Black Bear Education Manual. It provides information on campsite precautions when camping with wildlife, how to act in an encounter with wildlife, and ways to ensure you have a safe week at camp.


Seeing a bear at camp can be very exciting, and it's important to be prepared for this encounter. Please review the information on bears in the Black Bear Manual.

The training in the Black Bear Manual is mandatory. Groups will not be allowed past check-in until we have received a signed copy stating that you have completed the training.

Many Point provides a concrete “Bear Box” in each campsite for units to store smell-ables. Each one comes with two 18 gallon totes inside for you to store any items inside. It is recommended that each Scout brings a small plastic tote (approx. 6’’x5’’x9’’) to store personal hygiene items and snacks. Please note that while they will keep the large critters out, the “Bear Boxes” will not always keep the small critters, such as mice and insects, out.


The forests are home to many animals including Ticks. It's important to know how to camp in areas that have ticks, as ticks are known carriers of various diseases. Make sure to review the Tick Born Illness page with your Troop/Crew.


Wetlands and other bodies of water, which are a breeding ground for Mosquitoes, surround Many Point. Many Point does treat the areas of camp, but we would encourage units to bring mosquito netting as well as bug spray.

Other Animals

It's important to remember to Respect Wildlife, a key point in Leave no Trace. When you see an animal in the wild, do not chase after them, feed them, or try to lure them. This is for their safety as well as your own. Its important to remember you may be up for a week, but Many Point is home to these animals year round.

Camping with Wildlife