Order of the Arrow

The Order of the Arrow focuses on cheerful service to others and at Many Point, we like to facilitate that cheerful service as much as possible. 

Order of the Arrow Callout Ceremony

One of the most memorable events in Scout's camping career is their callout into the Order of the Arrow. Our Ceremony Team welcomes you to join us after our Opening Campfire to callout the Scouts who have earned the respect of their fellow Scouts.

Make sure to have official elections before coming up to camp. For additional information, contact your Lodge Advisor and they will be able to help set it up. Lodge rules prohibit Many Point camp staff from conduction elections. 

what if I am from out of council?

Troops from other Councils can have their participants named at our Callout Ceremony if the troop emails the list of names to call out to manypoint@northernstar.org or gives us a list of names to call out during the check-in process.

Order of the Arrow