Other Advancement Opportunities

What are other advancements?

While merit badges are usually considered as the primary advancements, the Scouting program offers many other advancements outside of merit badges. At Many Point, we offer many advancement opportunities other than merit badges.

Can adults join?

Absolutely! We offer many programs specifically for adult leaders - both training opportunities and chances to try out the programs without taking the opportunity away from Scouts. For more information on these, check out our Adult Leader Opportunities page.

What Other Advancement Opportunities does Many Point Offer?

  • BSA Lifeguard - Any BSA member who is at least 15 years old can earn the BSA Lifeguard award while at camp, provided they already have a current certification for American Red Cross First Aid and American Red Cross CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer(or equivalent).
  • Firem'n Chit - Become certified to work safely with fire. Talk with any staff member in Outdoor Skills to set up a time to earn this.
  • Kayaking BSA - As part of the Water Sports Outpost older Scout program, you'll earn the Kayaking BSA award.
  • Mile Swim BSA - Build up your endurance before swimming a mile to earn this award. Participants will complete several "warm up" runs before the full mile in the evening.
  • Paddle Craft Safety - Youth (16+) and Adults will gain the guarding skills necessary for float trips. Talk with your commissioner anytime during the first half of the week to set up a time with the Beach Director to earn this.
  • Scuba BSA - As part of the SCUBA program, you'll not only earn the Scuba Diving merit badge, but you'll also earn the Scuba BSA award.
  • Snorkeling BSA - Explore the underwater world of Many Point Lake while earning this award. Unit can sign up for this award when signing up for other Unit Activities.
  • Totin' Chip - Prove that you know how to deal with knives and axes safely. Talk with any staff member in Outdoor Skills to set up a time to earn this.
Other Advancement Opportunities