Trading Post and Patches

Camp Trading Posts

How much money should my Scout bring?

The average amount spent per camper last summer was about $80. This allows them to purchase snacks throughout the week and to bring home a souvenir! The Trading Posts function as a great way for scouts to learn to manage their money and make it last the whole week. 

  • Slushy: $2
  • Pop: $1
  • Candy: $2
  • Ice Cream: $2
  • Hats: $15-$22
  • T-Shirts: $10-$25
  • Sweatshirts: $35-$50
  • Pocket Knife: $10-$20

where are they?

Many Point has four trading posts on the property. There is a trading post available in each sub-camp as well as a camp-wide trading post available at the Administration Building. 

Online Orders

Custom Pre-Order T-Shirts

Your troop can order a customized Many Point shirt. Wear Many Point shirts around camp, showing off your troop number and hometown on the sleeve.

  • Orders are placed in advance of camp and are shipped to you.
  • Pay online
  • Choose your color, cut, size, and shirt material

Order Your Custom Pre-Order T-Shirt


What is a Segment?

A segment is a short, rectangular patch that recognizes a Scout's achievements made during their time at Many Point. Since they recognize and reward Scouts for participation in activities, we use them to encourage Scouts to do activities they normally would not consider doing. We have segments for many of our activities, so some segments are easier to earn than others, allowing anyone to participate!

Many troops make it a tradition to hand out segments alongside their merit badges during a Court of Honor, allowing scouts to be recognized for their achievements made during their week at Many Point Scout Camp.

Trading Post and Patches