Sub-Camps and Campsites

Many Point's Sub-Camps

What is a Sub-Camp?

At Many Point, we operate three separate Scouts BSA sub-camps; Buckskin, Ten Chiefs, and Voyageur. Each sub-camp is independent of each other - they each have their own climbing tower, first year camper program, beach, boating area, ecology center, and more. Though they have the same program schedule and offer the same merit badges, they all operate their own separate merit badge programs. This means a unit in Buckskin taking Climbing merit badge will not have to travel to Voyageur to take their badges, as programs are offered in all sub-camps separately. The primary differences between the three sub-camps are how food service is conducted and how tenting is done.


Map of Buckskin

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Units that choose to camp in Buckskin will enjoy three prepared meals a day in our Dining Hall. You'll utilize the patrol method by having Scouts take turns being servers. Head Cook Arlene “Granny” Arvola left a legacy in Buckskin during her 30 summers at Many Point that we continue as we provide an excellent food program with homemade baked goods from Granny’s recipes.

Campsites that start with B or C have a screened in shelter in the campsite.

Buckskin Campsites

Campsite Capacity Campsite Map
Beard 34 Map
Boone 56 Map
Bridger 32 Map
Carson 36 Map
Cody 48 Map
Crockett 38 Map
Dixon 32 Map
Fitzpatrick 80 Map
Hartman 40 Map
Maxwell 60 Map
Rogers 42 Map
Rolette 36 Map
Seton 14 Map
Tyler 42 Map

Ten Chiefs

Map of Ten Chiefs

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This camp is known for white sand beaches in most campsites and for having the best sunsets in the midwest. Scouts will get the full patrol cooking experience by preparing all three meals. Since Ten Chiefs is off of the main road, there are fewer vehicles heading through camp and it's harder to get lost with only one road headed through camp.

All campsites in Ten Chiefs have a food pickup table.

Ten Chiefs Campsites

Campsite Capacity Campsite Map
Black Hawk 40 Map
Cochise 62 Map
Joseph 50 Map
Massasoit 52 Map
Pontiac 38 Map
Powhatan 38 Map
Red Cloud 28 Map
Roman Nose 40 Map
Samoset 50 Map
Sequoyah 32 Map
Skenandoa 38 Map
Tamanend 56 Map
Taskalusa 50 Map
Tecumseh 16 Map


Map of Voyageur

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Down south in between Many Point Lake and Round Lake, you get the full patrol cooking experience. Voyageur also features large campsites, amazing tree coverage, and breezes off of both lakes. In Voyageur, the campsites are futher apart for a quieter experience, allowing you to focus on your troop.

All campsites in Voyageur have a food pickup table.

Voyageur Campsites

Campsite Capacity Campsite Map
Chisholm 46 Map
Duluth 58 Map
Ely 50 Map
Fon Du Lac 50 Map
Ft. Francis 74 Map
Ft. William 86 Map
Grand Marais 30 Map
Grand Portage    84 Map
Hibbing 52 Map
Quetico 62 Map
Two Harbors 40 Map
Vermilion 30 Map